Photo courtesy of the amazing    Nikki McFadden

Photo courtesy of the amazing Nikki McFadden

My whole life I have always loved food.  My brother and I would play "Restaurant" and make our parents pay us for cooking the macaroni and cheese we found in the cupboard.  I always loved dumplings and started making them for my friends in high school.

After I graduated college I explored the idea of pursuing dumplings full time, but caved to a larger paycheck and steadier work.  6 years, 4 companies, 5 job titles and one trip around the globe later I realized I can't shake dumplings and decided to pursue this love again.

So here's why I love dumplings in particular.  I have been making them for years so it has become something I "do" with people.  Generally, if I cook dinner with someone, I have them cut up a few things and then help me clean the dishes.  But making dumplings is communal.  

For once, everyone has to put their phones down and work with their hands around the kitchen counter.  You teach each other and laugh cathartically when you can't figure out that fold!  After a while it becomes second nature, and before you know it you have learned, laughed, and eaten great food.

Schedule a dumpling party and see what I'm talking about!