Hi! I'm Emily and this is my family.  Being a Lippe has always been a strong part of my identity growing up, and thanks to Billy Madison, a natural nickname to be called Miss Lippe.  Miss Lippe's was unofficially born when I started hosting dumpling parties in high school, bringing my friends from various activities together in the shared joy of making food.  

During the holidays I loved cooking at our Christmas party, bringing people into the kitchen and watching them teach each other how to fold dumplings while simultaneously avoiding the mundane small talk of "how college was going". When you get people around a table working together you can skip the bullshit. You have a shared task and purpose so discussion of the weather is replaced with meaningful conversation. 

Miss Lippe's is rooted in family, food, and conversation.  I hope to bring what I have learned over the years to your kitchen, because dinner is about so much more than just what you are eating.