Epic Brunch: Fried Chicken, Pulled Pork, Eggs Benedict, Home-made potato chips and potato patties, collared greens, green beans, etc.

To make an epic brunch you must make epic foods.  What that means sometimes, is preparation!  So we are trying to eat at Noon on Sunday so let’s get started at 4 PM the day before.  Roll up your sleeves, and let’s go!

Okay.  So I started an hour late.

5 PM:  First things first, let’s start brining the chicken.

Go ahead and jump to the first half of the Fried Chicken recipe adapted from Bon Appetit Magazine.

All set with the brine?

5:30 PM: Let's start prepping the potato chips!

Jump into the potato chip recipe...

Oh yeah, I left my mandolin slicer at my parents house.  So I grabbed my chef's knife and sliced as thin as possible.  Mandolins are best because it gives you uniformity, but a knife can work too!

I made both sweet and dutch potatoes because I do the most.  I let it soak overnight so I could make them fresh right before brunch.

Take the other half and in two batches(sweet and russet) lightly mince them in the food processor with 4 scallions, 2 eggs, and 1 cup of flour each.

Create 24 patties of each by taking about a cup of potato mixture and pressing them between your hands.  Lay them out on parchment paper and place in the refrigerator over night.

8 PM: It's time for salsa!

Let's jump to the salsa recipe..

That was easy!  

9 PM: Time to finish up the chicken!  Hop back into that recipe.

10 PM: Let's prep the Pulled Pork

Here is when I collapsed to the floor when I realized I didn't buy chicken broth.  In a panic I sent Tyler out to search the streets for any store that was open.  Thank you Chico's market for being open so late!!  

Use the spice blend from the Pulled Pork Recipe and rub it into the meat.  Don't leave any crevice unseasoned!  

Place the meat into the slow cooker and set aside.

Now, it is time to go out and have some fun!  But be back by 1!  That's when you need to turn on the 9 hour slow cooking.

1 AM: Turn on Slow Cooker!

7 AM: EARLY START let's go.

Start by frying up the potato chips and baking the potato patties at 375 degrees.  Finish off the patties in a layer of oil if necessary

9 AM: Watermelon salad

9:30 AM: Green beans and Collared Greens

Put the veggies in a casserole dish and leave in the oven to stay warm

Almost there!

OK to be honest.  This is where the times get pretty sketchy.  I got a little champagne tipsy and was running around like a madman.  But based on my theoretical plan this is what happened..

10 AM: Remove pulled pork from slow cooker and make bbq sauce

10:30 AM: Make Tyler make the Hollandaise sauce from my pal Steph at Tout!

11 AM: Start Frying the Chicken and have Andy poaching eggs!  Also, use a few more pieces of bacon to fry some eggs

While all this is going on I was frantically running around putting sauces into bottles, chips into bags and eggs and meat on plates.  


It's really funny to me because I had this specific idea of how I wanted the food to all turn out.  Of course, none of it did.  At all.  My eggs Benedict and nachos turned into just plates of food all mushed up together.  It turned out delicious and was a lot of fun.  But it is always funny how things never quiteeee go as planned.  That's the fun of it though and I am lucky to have such great friends who go with the flow and endure my crazy!

The more champagne the better.