Bucatini All'Amatriciana

When I was traveling I loved looking up the 36 hours article in the New York times to see what kind of essential stops I hate to make.  In Rome, I was recommended to go to L’Osteria di Monteverde.  I was with a boy I had met in Portugal and it was a strong test of our tolerance of each other as we hiked through the city to find this tiny nook in a random neighborhood.  But once we got there it was well worth it and we didn't hate each other!

I got the Amatriciana, he got the Gnocchi and we both got the tiramisu and it ruined the dessert for me.  It was too good.


Anyways, though I would not dare to try to recreate the dessert, I decided to try to recreate the pasta.  So I looked for a recipe from someone who would know what to do better than me and found an awesome resource on bowlofdelicious.com.  I won't re-write the recipe for you, check it out for yourselves!

A friend of mine once tried to make Amatriciana at a dinner party at my house, but was disappointed that he couldn't find the right meat, so since then I refused to ever make a dish like this without the traditional meat.  Thus, I used guanciale, which sort of negated the need for olive oil since it's so fatty, and I didn't measure anything but stuck to the general parameters of her recipe and it turned out great!  Check out some pictures from my pasta day.