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Contact us to discuss size of party, date, theme, and menu. We will come to your house will all the necessary equipment and food. We will prep all the dumplings and as a group everyone will fold the dumplings together. Then, we will cook them while you enjoy eating!


Pick Your Package

Dumpling Party:

Starting at $250 for 6. Great for birthdays or special occasions.

Corporate Party:

Starting at $300 for 6. Great team building activity that includes food.

Kids Party:

Starting at $150 for 6. Great hands on activity with ingredients that are edible at all stages.

Choose Your Menu

The OG Menu:

Chicken Ginger, Pork Kimchi, Mushroom Tofu, Beef Poblano, Bratwurst Sauerkraut

The Godfather Menu:

Ricotta Guanciale Tortellini, Three Mushroom Tortellini, Spinach Artichoke Ravioli

The hangover Menu:

Egg, Pastrami and Potato Dumpling, French Toast Dumplings

*Vegetarian options available for all packages

*Vegetarian options available for all packages

Invite Your Guests


This is great for birthday parties, unique dinner parties, kids’ birthday parties, corporate team building, you name it! Anything where you want to learn something, encourage conversation, and eat good food is appropriate!

Let Us Do The Work

Don’t worry about anything once the party is scheduled. All you need is a kitchen with a stove and space for people to fold and eat! We will bring the necessary equipment and dishes, so just make sure you have enough chairs for your guests and some plates.


Why a Dumpling Party?


Dumpling making is a family affair. It’s a chance to get people around the table, talk about the little and the big things and just spend time together. In this day and age it’s hard to get people off their devices, but with an activity that requires two hands, your guests will be forced to disconnect from their phone and connect with the humans sitting next to them. Before they know it they have made new friends and learned a new skill. We like to say that our dumplings are good, but our party is great. Book one today and find out what we mean!