Dumpling Parties

Dumpling parties come in many shapes and forms. Check out the different parties we have had!


Dumpling House Party

The most typical dumpling party is going to happen at your house! I bring all the goodies and you gather your friends in the comfort of your own home and kitchen.


Dumplings and Cocktails

With Sabrina Minx of Sunset Boulevardier we provide a dual experience of cocktail and dumpling making. She creates a cocktail to match the flavor profile of the dumplings. She teaches you to mix your own cocktails, while we teach you how to fold dumplings. We occasionally hos


Dumplings and Wine

At Stanley’s Wet Goods we provide three types of wine to pair with three types of dumplings. You get to enjoy your wine while folding dumplings. And since the event occurs at the shop you can then purchase the bottles you tasted or stick around for another glass.